The hardest working real estate team in the business. The number one thing 
is they care. They educate, empower and enable people to achieve their
I had the pleasure of connecting with Anthony regarding Real Estate and transaction work. Not only was he very open knowledgeable about real estate, but he was also exceptionally kind and forthcoming with great information and support. I highly recommend connecting with him for any real estate needs. You'll be in good hands.
Anthony and his team’s knowledge of VA loans is second to none. That knowledge gives his agents and loan officers the competitive advantage they need to get the Vets to their dream home!
Adriana Herran
Anthony is an Amazing Individual! I had the pleasure to meet Anthony in Club House and wow! I was blown away by how knowledgable he is and how much he sincerely shared with all of us. Unbelievable financial advise/real estate thank you Anthony for all the gems shared today in the Transparent.
Kim Wilson

Anthony is outstanding and exceptionally knowledgeable and adept at explaining complex concepts. I highly appreciate the value that he offers. I highly recommend for anyone interested in real estate investment!

Reflectively Made

Love love the wealth of information Mr. Anthony Glenn & Team share freely & consistently! I definitely will implement all of the tips & tools shared to enhance my wealth journey!

Kimberly Battle-Miller

Win In Real Estate, and I must say, they are truly the best in the business. From the initial consultation to the final closing, their team provided exceptional service and expertise. Their knowledge of the real estate industry is unparalleled, and they go above and beyond to ensure that their customer needs and goals are met.

Tammy Boyd
These are absolutely the only people/place I will send all my Veterans and Real Estate Agents. I never have to worry if they’re in good hands. I will always support Win In Real Estate! Continue to have an amazingly abundant day!
Nichelle Frazier

Informative information! Very helpful in giving people necessary knowledge to grow and expand their horizons and dominate in life! Awesome!

Jeanette Logan


I have prayed that God would enlarge me with "Like Minded People" and today's session was outstanding! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 

Iron Sharpens Iron!

Graham Hemmings
Great experience attending and fantastic information, knowledge and professional experience and expertise related to VA loans among other very useful information and tips for veteran and non-veteran real estate investors! Highly recommend.
Chad Batchelor

Anthony Glenn II has given, guided me and my family on better ways to Buy a Home for my son-in-law that is a Marine with getting the right VA Loan Structural for them. I thank you Sir