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Constance Carlisle

I have been fortunate enough to seize an invaluable opportunity that has allowed me to significantly broaden my horizons. Presently, I proudly hold the position of an Associate Broker and Office Manager at EXP of California, located in the picturesque city of Oceanside, California. My professional journey as a Broker and REALTOR® commenced with the establishment of New Vision Real Estate, a real estate enterprise centered around serving the military community. This venture not only marked the inception of my real estate voyage but also encapsulated my dedication to this dynamic field. What sets my career trajectory apart is the seamless amalgamation of my profound affection for the real estate industry and my unwavering commitment to education. 

 My trajectory into real estate, which began in 2007, followed a prior stint in the marketing department of Ford Motor Company. This previous role equipped me with valuable skills and insights that I now channel into my thriving real estate profession. With an abiding enthusiasm for continuous learning, I have consistently sought to enhance my proficiency and expertise in both real estate and leadership, which has culminated in my current role. The intricate interplay of my diverse experiences has uniquely positioned me to navigate the complexities of the real estate realm adeptly, while also fostering an environment of growth and knowledge-sharing within my team and beyond.

Anthony Glenn II

Greetings and warm regards! I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for considering our team as your partners in realizing the cherished American Dream of Homeownership. With a rich history of two decades of unwavering dedication as a retired Marine, I have transitioned into the role of a broker, bringing a wealth of experience and commitment to the real estate arena.

Having served in the military, I understand the values of discipline, integrity, and service, which continue to form the bedrock of my approach. My paramount objective is to foster enduring connections with clients, guiding them through the intricate journey of property acquisition while ensuring a seamless and stress-free process. 

 Our team's strength lies in its remarkable diversity and the collective culmination of skills that uniquely equip us to cater to the multifaceted needs of our diverse clientele. With a spectrum of expertise, we adeptly represent a wide array of real estate requirements, recognizing the individuality of each client's aspirations. 

 A special affinity for veterans courses through our team, as a significant number of us have proudly served in the Armed Forces. This shared experience not only unites us but also fuels our unwavering commitment to aiding veterans in their pursuit of a home. 

 I extend an open invitation to you to reach out to us, confident in the knowledge that our team's unwavering dedication to providing paramount customer service is ready to meet and exceed your expectations. Your aspirations are our mission, and we eagerly await the opportunity to assist you in achieving your homeownership dreams.

Ian Jensen

In my capacity as an EXP agent, I am resolutely committed to not just facilitating transactions, but to facilitating the fulfillment of dreams. Whether you're embarking on the exciting journey of purchasing your ideal home, orchestrating the sale of a cherished property, or simply seeking insights into our vibrant local market, I am genuinely enthusiastic about extending my unwavering support and comprehensive services. My association with the local community spans beyond my role as an agent; I am an invested neighbor with a profound understanding of the intricate fabric that weaves our area together. This positions me to skillfully navigate the subtleties of our local market, ensuring that your real estate endeavors are guided by an expert who knows the landscape intimately. 

 My approach to your real estate aspirations is bolstered by an array of resources that characterize my commitment to excellence. Access to premier property listings, a far-reaching global network, ingenious marketing methodologies, and state-of-the-art technology collectively contribute to a real estate journey that is not only efficient but also memorable. I believe in going the extra mile to craft an experience that is not just transactional, but transformative. I'm here to transform the process into one that is enjoyable, insightful, and tailored to your unique preferences and goals. Your real estate journey is a canvas of possibilities, and I am dedicated to painting it with professionalism, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.